Metrics 101 at Velocity

The funny thing about monitoring is that there’s a ton of data to collect, but few people know where to start. A few months ago, Steve Souders, one of the co-chairs of Velocity, asked us if we’d teach a workshop to try and fix this.

It’s a reworking of many of the things we cover in the book, plus an attempt to explain the math and reporting in an accessible way. Here’s the slide deck.

Slides from performance and KPI webinar

We had a good discussion about performance and its impact on KPIs like analytics and conversion with Strangeloop this week. Here are the slides, available for download or viewing, on Slideshare.

[Synthetic and Real User Monitoring] Knowing When Things Go Wrong

Uh oh.  Is the site is down?

Yahoo! site inaccessible

Yahoo! site inaccessible

Site downtime is rare these days, but it still happens, and when it does, thousands of people can be affected.  But how do you know that an entire web property is down, and that it’s not just down for you?  How can you figure out who’se affected by the outage?

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