Guest Post: How I increased traffic 1,176% in 24 hours

Alex BowyerAlex Bowyer (@alexbfree) is a research analyst at Bitcurrent in Montreal, where he blogs about emerging technologies and their social impacts, and co-organizes events such as Bitnorth and Enterprise Cloud Summit. He is passionate about using computers to solve human problems in new ways, and all the things that encompasses – user-centric design, productivity, human-computer interfaces and exploring social trends. Before that he worked at IBM UK, specializing in Voice systems, Java and information management.

In this post, Alex shows us that sometimes, attracting pageviews isn’t rocket science, which you might be forgiven for thinking if you follow this blog regularly:

Unlike my colleagues Alistair and Sean, I’m no analytics expert. But like all bloggers and social media enthusiasts I have an interest in sharing ideas about technology and society, and getting those ideas out to as many ┬ápeople as possible.

percent Change

I’ve been exploring ways to get more traffic to my personal blog, and yesterday stumbled upon something quite remarkable. In one day I was able to achieve 2,579 new pageviews, a 1,176% increase in traffic. And all it took was about 30 minutes of effort.

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